Our civil case investigations have provided us the opportunity to work for the plaintiff and the defendant. This gives us the unique ability, experience and perspective to better help the client empower, prepare and litigate their case. Through the expert use of fact investigations, our civil litigation Investigators can assist in the development and implementation of a logical sustainable prosecution or defense. Our civil litigation investigators have worked on tort cases ranging from but not limited to professional misconduct, product liability, personal injury, property loss, and wrongful death.

Our investigators are trial-proven and have provided professional testimony in State, Federal, Military Court/Tribunals as well as disciplinary review boards, labor dispute hearings, human relations review boards, civilian review boards, and professional licensing boards.

We approach every investigation from a team perspective with the single premise of conducting a fact investigation that allows the legal team to make informed decisions early on as well has throughout the life of the case.

    • Federal and State Courts
    • Fact Investigations (pre and post discovery)
    • Mitigation Investigations
    • Death investigations
    • Witness Development, Interviews and Locates
    • Discovery Review and Analysis
    • Coordination between Government and Law Enforcement entities
    • Service of Process
    • Service of Subpoena
    • Court Room Observations
    • Court Records Research
    • Recovery of Government Records
    • Asset Verification
    • Enhanced Background Investigations
      • Jury Pool
      • Expert Witnesses
      • Adverse party
    • Person Locate